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Buyer's Negotiation, Customer Service, Decorating, Interior Sewing, Knowledge-based performance, Marketing, Seller's Advocate, Visualize Space Usage

Barbara Seymour’s History

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Address Details Represented Sell Date
Corbin Ln Lot 205
Dahlonega, Georgia 30533
$46.5k |
Worked with Buyer
August 23,2019
1 year ago
3 Monument Rd
Jasper, Georgia 30143
$62k |
Worked with Buyer
July 12,2019
1 year ago
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Barbara Seymour’s Performance

Barbara Seymour’s Total Production

Barbara Seymour’s Total Production value for part years total $

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Total Production
  • 12
  • 24

Barbara Seymour’s Total Transactions

Barbara Seymour has assisted a total of buyers and sellers over the past months

  • Total Transactions
  • 12
  • 24

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